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HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 5) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 0 6
Mature content
HuniePop: Friday Night Longings (ch. 3) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 0 6
Mature content
HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 4) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 0 0
Mature content
HuniePop: Friday Night Longings (ch. 2) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 1 2
Mature content
HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 3) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 2 5
Mature content
HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 2) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 2 0
Mature content
HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 1) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 1 2
HuniePop: Friday Night Longings (ch. 1)
Watching Kyanna play with her son never fails to brighten Beli's day. It’s always a puzzle to decide which of the two is having more fun – the little boy on his make-believe adventures, or the doting mother who gets to dream them all up.
"Whoosh! Here comes Spaceman Phily, blasting off on the rocket ship Mommy!"
With a squeal and a giggle, Kyanna hoists her one-year old into the air, spinning him around the living room while she supplies the outer space sound effects. Philip whooshes around the coffee table, he vroom-vrooms over the boxy TV, and from her vantage point on the couch, Beli smiles fondly.
"Vrrrrm! Watch out, Phily! We're coming in for a landing on planet Beli!"
Oh, that’s her cue to get ready! Following carefully as Kyanna plots her return course to the couch, Beli holds her arms out, ready to receive. Scooping Philip under the shoulders and sitting him on her lap, Beli gives her own cutesy cheer as she bounces the happy toddler
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 3 2
Madoka Magica: A Last Drink with Mephistopheles
Maybe it's the alcohol, but Junko swears she just saw a white stuffed animal toy trot past the window.
She leans over the table of her corner booth, squinting out the street-side window of her favorite lounge. Junko normally parks herself at the bar when she needs to relieve her sorrows, but Kazuko has gone home for the night, and she has no desire to make small talk with the servers. There's nothing, not a single passerby under the city lights, so she slides herself back into the plush leather and releases a sigh.
Just what I need - hallucinations. As if she didn't already have enough on her plate. Preparing the disastrous quarterly report for the shareholders, the meetings with the finance committee, and on top of all those surmountable obstacles, life had seen fit to gift her daughter with unspeakable cruelty. Madoka's best friend, missing for almost a week, had been found dead in a downtown apartment.
Fourteen years old… Junko reflects. Death is cruel at any age
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 4 19
HuniePop: Valentine's Rush
It's a small relief that the hallway is deserted, Beli decides. She's certain she'll die of shame if anyone catches her, the yoga and fitness specialist, struggling to push down a simple office stapler.
"Come on now," she pleads, bearing her full weight onto the little paper pincher. "Just one staple? Please?" Now is not the time for her office supplies to be growing a stubborn streak, not when that day is fast approaching.
February the fourteenth. Valentine's Day to the lucky few who have found someone worth sharing their lives with, a day of tender exchanges and romantic gestures. A day to reaffirm your feelings for that one important person who sets your heart ablaze.
To Beli's side of the population, it's a day of shame and oppression. A "what, you're still single?" day. A "honey, you can't be so picky" day. A "madhu, why haven't you called that nice Indian boy your auntie told you about?" day. Every exclamation makes her sink a little deeper into her de
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 4 11
HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (preview)
“Nyaa~!  Those fishies look suuuper cute, Mister!”
Fishies!  Big fishies with silver scales and flappy tails, all taking their nappy times.  They must be hot, 'cause Mister is letting them rest on top’a ice cubes.  Do all fishies sleep with their eyes and mouthies open?  Momo isn’t sure, but it makes her giggle – they all look like such silly willies!  She presses her face against the glass and tries ta make that same face – big googly eyes and kissy lips. 
“Hey! Paws off the merchandise, ya dumb cat!”
Mrrow?  Mister’s carrying a broom, and he comes from behind the counter and – eep!  He swats at Momo! 
“Hey, Momo was just looking!” She tries t’explain, but Mister keeps on jabbing with his broom.
“Don’t hiss at me, ya stupid stray! Now get!”
Meanie!  Momo runs off, but she doesn’t get it.  There’s lotsa people loo
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 2 4
Mature content
HuniePop: The Bounty Hunter's Escort (ch. 18) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 3 6
HuniePop: The Bounty Hunter's Escort (ch. 17)
Shoes paced restlessly down a metal deck. Mechanical arms clicked and whirred over their surgical work. A sharp gasp of pain, which Nikki hushed back with her hands and her voice. "Easy, it's okay. You'll be okay."
From behind her came a shaky murmur. "An alien … a real live, god-damn alien."
Audrey rotated on the spaceship's deck in slow, disbelieving circles, sucking on a cigarette the way a hospital patient might grab an oxygen mask for relief. She'd kept placid long enough to help drag Celeste up the ramp, but once inside her mind retreated in shellshock.
"Nik, this is all real, isn't it?"
Nikki didn't reply, didn't even notice the question. Her senses were focused entirely on her wounded Valkyrie; she wouldn't have noticed the diva if she were swearing and prying up the metal floorboards. She barely noticed Cogni's spare camera body peering over her shoulder at the raised medical stretcher, where segmented pincer arms worked over Celeste's inert form with needles and laser c
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 4 2
Mature content
HuniePop: The Bounty Hunter's Escort (ch. 16) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 2 4
HuniePop: The Bounty Hunter's Escort (ch. 15)
Like a hurried white rabbit, the love fairy kept one step out of Nikki's reach, skipping gaily through the carnival wonderland while she huffed in hot pursuit. The winged girl seemed to know exactly how fast Nikki could run, pausing at certain corners so she could catch up or pulsing pink light from her body when Nikki lost track. She wants me to follow; she wants to tell me something!
Nikki moved on autopilot, intent on activating this NPC quest, never really concerning herself that she was leaving the colourful lights and music of the carnival behind her; that she was jogging further into the darkness of the night.
She'd never really read the cautionary tales about fairies luring children out into the woods.
The chase ended down one of the lamp-lit piers stretching into the ocean. This was one of the loading docks for the water taxis. Normally a haven for couples stealing off for a make-out session or carnival staff ducking off for a smoke break, now it was eerily deserted
:iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 1 5
Mature content
HuniePop: The Bounty Hunter's Escort (ch. 14) :iconcypher-ds:Cypher-DS 3 4


AYC #77 - Going Solo-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #77 - Going Solo-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 3 7 I'm Sorry by BNewsGuy15
Mature content
I'm Sorry :iconbnewsguy15:BNewsGuy15 8 3
I wish... by BNewsGuy15 I wish... :iconbnewsguy15:BNewsGuy15 3 1 Shadows of Truth by BNewsGuy15 Shadows of Truth :iconbnewsguy15:BNewsGuy15 5 3 Celeste watching Nikki. by BNewsGuy15 Celeste watching Nikki. :iconbnewsguy15:BNewsGuy15 3 1 The Geek and the Bounty Hunter by AsFoxger
Mature content
The Geek and the Bounty Hunter :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 9 7
Pokemon Negotiations by artist-black Pokemon Negotiations :iconartist-black:artist-black 1,397 131
Hunnie Pop The Unofficial Novelization. Chapter 1
    A quiet night out, a comfortable stool and some cheap booze.  A short reprise from my shitty life. I take a sip of the swill the bartender plopped in front of me and slowly begin to forget.  
    No job, drink. No money, drink.  Rent due soon, finish drink.  
    I let out a sigh and signal the bartender to bring me another.  Before he can reach me through something else grabs my attention.
    “Hi there!”  A cheery voice rings. I turned to see a girl walking my way and am left stunned.  She was a brunette with beautiful green eyes and an equally cute face. Her skin looked flawless and she was making a point of showing off plenty of it. Her red dress left her shoulders and part of her chest exposed. It cut off barely half way down her thighs and was decorated with black lace and ribbons. She seemed to be smiling at me as I took all this in. Unsure of if thi
:iconlovehinadude28:Lovehinadude28 2 2
AYC #61 - The Yuri Awakens-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #61 - The Yuri Awakens-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 2 6 Last Christmas by shipsahoymorgan Last Christmas :iconshipsahoymorgan:shipsahoymorgan 9 6 AYC #58 - Padawan politics Pt 4-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #58 - Padawan politics Pt 4-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 3 2 AYC #57 - Padawan politics Pt 3-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #57 - Padawan politics Pt 3-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 2 2 AYC #56 - Padawan politics Pt 2-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #56 - Padawan politics Pt 2-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 2 2 AYC #52 - Overwatch yourself, Madoka!-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #52 - Overwatch yourself, Madoka!-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 3 9 TEMP 147 celeste by Zorga13 TEMP 147 celeste :iconzorga13:Zorga13 16 3 AYC #39 - No refunds-ENG by AsFoxger AYC #39 - No refunds-ENG :iconasfoxger:AsFoxger 7 3



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“Fuck you, bitch!  Like you know anything about me!”

Lillian storms out of the school library with a face full of rage and a mind full of purpose.  She’s an artist, dammit, and nothing gets her juices flowing – her creative juices, you sick fuck – like a raw, unfiltered argument with the bitches this school dares call students.

The black felt marker flicks into her palm like a switchblade.  Every artist has their medium – Cobain had his guitar, Bennington had his screaming lyrics and Banksy makes the streets of New York his canvas.

Lillian Aurawell has the stalls of the girl’s washroom, the perfect location to bare the banshee screams of her tortured soul.  She’s still reminiscing on her last magnum opus, a masterpiece fusion of poetry and pain:

Roses are black.  Black as your words.

A little crude, sampling from a children’s rhyme, but her remix was pure genius.

Violets are black. Black as your heart.

Subtle repetition – the key to any effective art piece.  And all successful epics came in trilogies:

Sugar is black. Black as your soul.

And then, the coup de grace – the final line.  Lillian isn’t just an artist, she’s an activist, and every woman with a message to shout blends their politics with their poetics.  Lillian’s message was subtle but effective:

Audrey Belrose is a big, fat bitch and she can burn in hell and die!

Lillian pushes her way into the second floor washroom, ready to create. In an artistic frenzy she kicks down the door of the corner stall, all set to write a verse two - a mash-up of Belrose’s signature red and vile, green vomit. 

Instead she pauses.

 And then she loses her shit.

“Who the fuck wrote over my stuff!?”


There’s no crueler sight than the black ‘X’s over Lillian’s words, no horror more abominable than the foreign printing added above and beside each defaced word. 

Lillian can’t believe it – her graffiti has been vandalized!

“Oh, that was yours?”  Lillian spins around and stares down a mousy Asian girl who’s been washing her hands the whole time.  Her hair is shoulder-length and frizzy, her glasses are black-rimmed and thick, and when she speaks, she sucks her air through braces like silver rail tracks.  Still got food in them, Lillian winces.  She immediately dismisses this girl as a ‘loser’ but she seems to have info.

“Yes that was like, my poetry.  You see who did this shit?”

“Yeah, that was me.”

Lillian just blinks, not quite sure what’s she’s hearing.  “Like, who the hell are you?”

“Oh, I’m Aiko and yeah, I didn’t wanna say anything but there were all sorts of spelling errors.  You kept saying everything was ‘blake’, and I kinda didn’t think you were talking about that third year guy in biology so … umm….”

The girl trails off into mumbles, realizing for the first time just how pants-shittingly furious Lillian is looking right now.  This girl is either totally ballsy or harboring a death wish. 

“You think you’re so god-damn clever, don’t you?”

“Sorry, I was just trying to help…”

“Well you didn’t!  Oh, and FYI? You keep dressing like that and I’m gonna have t’like, kick the shit out of you.”

“Kick the …?”  Aiko glances down at her apparel – a black, sleeveless top with striped arm warmers, a layered black skirt and full-length fishnets.  “But, but I like these clothes.  They’re radical!”

Oh shut the front door, did she actually say ‘radical’??! 

“They’re not radical, they’re Goth! And you’re like, totally not edgy enough to wear black!  You keep that shit up and everyone’ll start thinking I’m as big a dork as you!”

“Geez, sorry.”

Geez, sorry,” Lillian mimics.  “You poser!  Like, pack up your shitty sorries and go back to Kuala Lumpur, you Ching-Chong-China doll!”

The chick has the gall to look offended.  “Okay, first – I’m Japanese, and second, Kuala Lumpur is in Malay- … y’know what, never mind.”  She turns and leaves.  Lillian flashes a victorious smirk.

“Yeah, you’d better run, bitch!”  She’s won!

So why doesn’t she feel any satisfaction?


All day long, Lillian’s brow twitches angrily with thoughts of Aiko.

The nerve of that dork – first she tags her poetry with all this ‘grammar graffiti’, then she dresses herself up in Lillian’s signature black punk fashion like it’s nothing but a Halloween costume!

She’s a poser, that’s what!  Pretending she had problems to cry about, like anyone could come close to matching the pain Lillian suffered, the daily agony that could only be expressed through black!

You don’t know what it’s like to live with my shitty family. No one knows!

A maternal knock on the bedroom door interrupts her brooding. 

“Lilli?  There’s my angel baby!  I made you your favorite cocoa, and it’s got marshmallows!”

Lillian howls like a cat and someone’s yanked on her tail.  “Ugh!  Really, Ma?  Why don’t you just give me a cup of lard, it’ll make me fat and ugly a whole lot faster!”

When her mom leaves – pecking her on the cheek like she’s a little baby – Lillian does eventually drink the cocoa.  She’s not gonna pour it down the sink and wreck the environment and shit.

She does make a point of slurping loudly.  To show her mom, of course.


Lillian usually wakes up groggy, but the next morning she’s alert with purpose: that Aiko bitch needs a taste of her own medicine.

Who better to shove the jagged, little pill down the Asian chick’s throat then the queen of bad vibes, Lillian Aurawell?

It’s early morning and the school hallways are still deserted.  Lillian holds her felt marker at the ready as she stomps towards the art room.  The door opens easily. 

Mr. Dressler always forgets to lock the classroom.

Once inside, it doesn’t take long to pull Aiko’s sketchbook off the shelf.  Let’s see how you like having your artwork defaced!

She opens to a random page, ready to “paint it black”.

Instead she pauses.

 And then she loses her shit.

“Holy fuck this is … good!”


The page she’s flipped to features a harsh pencil crayon sketch of Aiko’s face, and shit is intense! The left half is all blue and wounded, the right half is all red and ferocious and the lines are rough and jagged, speaking to the intense rage that fueled this self-loathing sketch.  The expression on that face!  The eyes seem to be crying blood, the mouth is twisted with pain. It’s like staring down a torture victim, and Lillian finds herself flinching!

Holy shit!

The pain … the agony … This isn’t just angst, this is “crawling through my skin” levels of edginess!  This is DEEP!

Lillian claps the book shut.  She can’t find Aiko fast enough. 


“Bitch, you badass!”

“Huh?”  The Asian girl blinks dumbly as if to say ‘who, me?’  She’s in the girls’ washroom again, trying to floss between her braces.

Lillian gets right to the point.  “Look, kid – I was like, totally wrong.  You’re legit!  We totally need to chill.  What’re you doing for lunch?”

“M-me?  Oh, I kinda just eat by myself.”

“Well forget that shit.  You’re eating with me today.  Hey, you smoke?”

“What, no!”

“Well, first taste’s on me.”

Before she can object, Lillian has her arm around Aiko’s shoulder, leading her to the alley behind the school for her morning cigarette.

She’s got a good feeling that this is the start of something bad!

HuniePop: The Start of Something Bad (4BNewsGuy15)
Second draft. Let me know what you think, Farndee!  Gonna need some illustrations for the final copy.

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When Audrey peeled back the lids of her eyes, morning sunshine bombarded her with its false promise of cheer. She was back in her bedroom, one arm sliding off the bed and her sheets tangled around her body from a night of fitful tossing.

I smell like cat, she grimaced. No big mystery as to who had dragged her home a second time.

She didn't dare move more than her eyes. Her head was full of gravel and just breathing grated on her brain, like her gray matter was being scraped against her skull. Images of Tiffany leapt to her mind: the cheerleader's tearful eyes as she called out -

Audrey crumpled that mental photograph before it could fully develop. I just wanna sleep, she moaned, shutting her eyes on her so-called friend and the cruel, deceitful world.

So of course a tiny finger started poking at her cheek. "Master? Master?"

The pokes, the shoulder shakes – Audrey ignored it all. So the furry alarm clock upped her game: From across the room, Audrey heard the pad of feet – a running leap –

The cat-girl dive-bombed onto her lap. "Wakey, wakey, Master! It's morning!"


"Mrrow? Are you okay, Master?"

"No, I'm not okay! Don't jump on me like that, you little shit!"

"Momo's sorry, Master but … um… oh – Momo knows! Here's a super-duper reason why you should smile: Tada!" The cat-girl waved her hands and self-gestured. "You said last night that Momo could stay fer'ever 'n ever if she helped and she did! Now we can be t'gether all the time! Isn't that … Master?"

The kitty cat prodded and nudged at her master, oblivious to the cause of Audrey's sudden, ruinous sobbing.

"Nyaa, nyaa! Playing with Master!"

Cocooned under a pile of blankets, Audrey rolled her eyes at Momo's stupid singing. To keep the kid busy, she'd tied some old pantyhose together and was swishing it along the foot of the bed like a fishing line. The nylon lure was so obviously fake but the cat-girl gleefully threw herself at the bait like it was the tail of a live mouse, nabbing it in her claws and rolling on her back while she chewed and tugged at the end. Life was a grand old game!

She really has no clue what a crap-sack world this is.

Scrolling through her text messages hit home just how fucked she really was. Tiffany had been calling her all night, bombarding her with voicemails until Audrey's inbox hit its limit.

Without listening, Audrey deleted every single message.

Next came the texts – banners of sad and distressed emojis decorating the parade of apologies.

TIFF - 12:41 am

12:41 am
=I'm sorry=

12:42 am
=I'm so, so sorry=

12:45 am
=I shouldn't have …=

12:48 am
= Please don't be mad …=

12:49 am
=I wanna make this right!=

12:55 am
= Please just … call me okay?=

1:01 am

1:04 am

The pleas went on and on until 4:37 am, when Audrey could only assume that the cheerleader had cried herself to sleep.

She highlighted the entire batch and hit delete.

"No fucking way this is happening," she told herself. To think that Tiffany, her best and closest friend actually had –

Not even going to finish that thought. She wasn't going to dignify this … this gross untruth by letting it enter her brain. Fairies were real. Space aliens were real. Monsters were real. But Tiffany's feelings? No fucking way.

Why would she even bother with someone like -?

No. If she couldn't see the texts, if she didn't see her friend then it wasn't real. Mind over matter, right?

"Master, are you gonna talk to your special friend t'day?"

Traitor, she scowled. Deep down, Audrey knew she had to reply, had to slap some sort of bandage over this oozing nightmare but she just couldn't deal with Tiff right now. Not when there were more present concerns.

"Where the hell are these bugs coming from?"

Black, beetle-like and throbbing with red light under their shells. The same bastards she'd spotted latching onto Kasumi's face. This was the fifth one she'd found crawling over her sheets like it owned the room. She plucked it up with a tissue paper and tossed it to Momo for 'disposal'.

"Scorubs," the cat-girl explained between crunches. "Master, they only come around people who are really, really sad. Misato hated them the most!"

Wonderful, so Kasumi's emo-bugs had decided she was fair game too. Audrey clutched her skull at the indignity. "Why the hell won't my head stop hurting?"

"That's just your powers waking up, Master." As usual, the cat was so obliviously chipper. "It's like your head is a big, big box an' you just got all sortsa new toysies t'play with! It's gonna go 'ouchie' for a while until it gets used t'everything! But don't worry, Master. Misato said she got the same achey-waykies when she started seeing un-normie things."

"Who the fuck is this Misato you keep yammering about?"

"Misato is –"

Momo paused.

"Misato was Momo's last master..."

"So what, you lived with her?"

"Mm! Misato was just like you, Master. She could see Momo and all the other stuff normie people can't see." The cat-girl started bouncing on the spot, she was so pepped on her memories. "Misato taught Momo how'ta read, how ta be a good kitty, an' we went on adventures t'gether and stopped lotsa mean people!"

"Well if she liked you so much, why the hell'd she kick you out? You piss on her rug or something?"

Momo's bouncing halted.

"Misato … Misato went away, Master."

Aw shit. Audrey recognized that mournful gaze. Same face Nikki gave if you asked her about her grandparents, or Celeste when she started reminiscing about Tendricide. Tiffany would have kicked her in the shins for blundering past all the early warnings. 'Don't you dare snark about this, Audrey Belrose!'

"Oh," Audrey mumbled after a long silence. "Sorry."

Her voice instantly reinvigorated the kitty cat.

"It's okay, Master, cause now Momo's got a new master who loves her super-duper much! Oh, um Master? Momo doesn't wanna be greedy but her tummy's getting all rumbly."

The cat-girl batted her eyelashes – her finest pleading face.

Grumbling, Audrey stomped over to her mini-fridge. A stale croissant made its way onto a plate along with a half-eaten bowl of ice cream she'd forgotten about. Audrey plopped the dish on the floor and drizzled a capful of schnapps over the dessert.

Momo sniffed the concoction. Her ears flattened wearily. "Master, this drinky smells funny…"

"It's juice," Audrey grunted. Peach flavor, so she was only half-lying. "Trust me. It's good for you."

Momo leaned over her dish and gave a tentative lap. Her ears perked.

"Mmm! It is yummy!"

"Lemmie know if you want more." If the cat was as big a lightweight as she presumed, she'd soon have some peace and quiet.

Back on the bed, her phone began buzzing. Audrey braced herself for another incoming Tiffany message and was puzzled to find Nikki on call display.

She raised the phone to her ear. "Yeah?"


Audrey's breathing went tight. She threw a hand over her chest. "Celeste?"

The voice on the other end sighed in relief. "I have been attempting to contact you for some time. The characters on Nicole's communicator have been difficult to decipher."

Hold on … Had the alien woman been dialing everyone on Nikki's contact list? Hold on again … who did the little nerd have on her contact list besides her and Tiff? "Why didn't you just ask Nik to help?"

"Nicole is asleep."

"Yeah, I bet you tired her out plenty."

Celeste chose not to respond to that snark. "Are you well, Audrey? Last night -"

"Me? Pssh – I'm fine. Didn't get any last night, but whatever. The guys just weren't up to my standard."

Celeste laughed abruptly.

"A-ha-ha. 'Up to standard'. That was one of your people's non-literal expressions! Their phalluses were too flaccid to procreate, yes?"

"Um … okay."

The Norai laughed again. "A most amusing joke!"

She coughed suddenly, voice returning to business.

"Audrey, I must apologize for my behavior yesterday evening. Your culture places great importance on sexual experience and it was … inappropriate of me to laugh at your status as a vibara. My people ostracised me for my own sexual deviancy and I should have known better. I am sorry."

She was internally kicking herself – why d'you have to bring that up? – but for the telephone, Audrey played up her poker face. "I told you, I've had plenty of sex! I just take it up – Never mind. Look, we're cool, okay? Not like I care what you think."

Celeste let out a long sigh as though she were unshouldering a heavy burden. "Thank you. I feared that I had done inoperable damage to our relationship. I value our time together, Audrey-da. You are … important to me."

Audrey's heart flat-lined.

"Um … cool. Yeah, you're important to me too."

The memory of Celeste's sexy little purr replayed in her mind, making her knees wobble.

"Well then, if you are not indisposed, may I propose a rendezvous this evening? We can meet in your settlement's entertainment district and order fermented beverages."

Great, just what she needed – drinks with the happy lesbian couple. Sucking down a bitter daiquiri while Nikki petted her goat and taunted her about their sex life. "I dunno…"

"Nicole will be at her workplace tonight. You and I will be alone."

Audrey needed a moment to reset. That statement was so heavy with implications she was ready to fall over. "I'd … like that. Um, you've got cash, right?"

"Nicole has provided me with your Earth currency, yes."

"Yeah, okay. So … drinks. Hey, maybe we can hit the club after?"

"A stellar idea! Perhaps together we could attract you a mate?"

"Whatever. I'm cool if it's just the two of us."

"That would also be my preference."

Audrey didn't reply. She couldn't reply or else her excited, girlish breathing would crackle over the phone. "So … see you tonight."

She killed the call before she could do anything stupid. Glancing to make sure Momo was occupied, Audrey jumped to her feet and started fist-pumping and rocking an air guitar. Was this a date? Was Celeste flirting with her? Testing the waters? Either way, she'd just scored some more alone time with mother-fuckin' Celeste Luvendass. Fuck, yeah!

Audrey's phone buzzed once more. Celeste? No, just a reminder of all her missed texts.

=Hey hon, your phone on? My baby says she needs to talk with you – something super important. XOXO=

=Well FML! Spending my day taking "sensitivity training" with Zoey's snowflake brats at the Womyn's Center. :P UGGGH! Wish someone would get me a stiff drink right about now…=

=Um, you are coming in to fix your hair, right?=

Audrey's eyes darted to the clock. Mother fucker! She was late for her salon appointment! "I gotta split! Momo, where'd my shoes go? No – purse first! Momo?"

But the cat-girl's first taste of peach schnapps had already sent her face-planting into her own melted ice cream: butt in the air and tail swishing woozily as she snored away in nappy land. Perfect.

And yet...

Grumbling again, Audrey dragged the comatose kitten under the arms and hoisted her onto the bed, making sure to wipe the ice cream dribble from the kid's mouth as she tucked the blankets around Momo's chin. Wonder if I look that happy when I'm drunk? Her hand moved to brush Momo's messy hair -

"Fuck, what am I doing, pissing around here?" She had to fix her hair, get her locks dyed blue! She had a date with Celeste tonight and she had to impress!

Almost forty-five minutes and three close yellow lights later, Audrey skid-stopped at the front counter of the mall's hair salon, gasping and wheezing. She was still wearing last night's rumpled black dress and her stomach was running on half a roll of breath mints for breakfast but she was here and who gave a shit how late she was? She was Audrey Belrose, bitch!

"Yo, Ki-ki! I'm ready for my hair – YOU! What're you doing in my chair?"

"Thou. What art thou doing in my chair," came the sharp-tongued pronoun correction. Seated in the salon chair with her blue dreadlocks freshly shampooed, Zoey looked every bit the presumptuous bitch queen on her throne. "As for your question, I'm providing patronage to a local woman of colour and supporting diversity in the labor market. What are you doing, Belrose? That is, besides appropriating Goth fashion?"

Audrey's hairdresser - Cianna Delrio or whatever - glanced up from her toweling work with a peppy little smile. "Well look who sobered up and joined the living! You weren't answering your texts, chica, so I went ahead and took a walk-in. You two know each other?"

Audrey ignored the bullshit chit-chat. "You're styling her hair? Really? You're just trying to piss me off, aren't you, Delrio?"

"Hey, you snooze, you lose, ese."

"Expecting your white privilege would let you queue-jump. Pathetic and predictable," Zoey added.

Audrey's eye twitched and she felt something in her head give an audible, crunchy snap. Oh, it was on.

"Fine. Get your shitty rat-tails styled first. Not like I care. I've been Cianna's regular for the last … oh, I dunno, couple years?"

Zoey went stiff as a board, her heterochromic eyes ringing blue and red alarm bells. "Wait … Kyanna, you style her hair? You've allowed your hands to touch her –"

Audrey didn't know if cybernetic androids could vomit, but Zoey looked ready to give it a first.

"Let me out," she hissed, freaking and flailing under her salon blanket. "Release me this instant! I won't support any business that offers regular service to someone as problematic as her!"

Delrio stammered as the plastic drape was bundled and shucked into her arms. "Hey! You can't just – you didn't pay for –" but the social justice android was already clear through the front entrance, dine-and-dashing as fast as her stiff-kneed penguin limp would allow.

Audrey lifted her nose in a triumphant smirk. "Hmph, guess you've got time to style me after all. Okay, so I'm going neon blue today, and trim it just a – HEY!"

She'd been ready to sit her rear in Delrio's chair when the seat was abruptly spun around. What the fuck? I could've broken my hip falling down!

The Delrio bitch looked ready to murder her.

"Do you realize how much cash I lost between waiting for your sorry ass and her walkout?"

"You snooze, you lose," Audrey parroted back. "And it serves you right, bitch. I know what you did to Tiffany!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Bull-effin-shit! Maybe I should start spamming this place with one-star reviews, see how you like it when everyone starts boycotting your job! Bet your boss would love all the bad publicity."

This was usually the part where Delrio started flapping her hands and jabbering in Mexican, so when the Latina simply crossed her arms and calmly stepped into her face, Audrey felt her game falter.

"Chica, your friend is a lovely little girl, but my conejito has stiches down to his elbow thanks to her babysitting. My bank account is shot paying for all his hospital time, my Phily won't stop shaking at night, and now I've got this bitch from child welfare riding my ass and investigating me for parental neglect! If you think I'm going to feel guilty or sorry for Tiffany's hurt feelings, eres tan loca como eres grosera."

Angry squawking erupted from the salons’ overhead lights.  Audrey darted up to see a pair of fat-bellied cawglers flap their oily wings and pounce on Delrio’s shadow.  The Latina was a smorgasbord of stress.

Audrey's neck tingled with panic. So this is what it's like to have a mom come down hard on your ass. Still, she wasn't backing down to this immigrant whore.

"You told everyone – told all the babysitting moms Tiff couldn't be trusted!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Now you've got five seconds to leave, chica, because if you don't, meteré estas tijeras en tu sucio y enfermo coño."

Audrey had no idea what the hell that meant, but the scissors Kyanna placed between her knuckles like a sharpened middle finger offered plenty of suggestions. "Cinco … cuatro …"

Knowing she could sprint so quickly was a revelation. "That bitch! Threating … she was threatening me! I aughta –"

Turning the corner, Audrey just managed to hit the emergency brake and avoid slamming into Zoey, who startled. "Again, you keep hounding me!"

The thin girl seemed to have been pacing on the spot the whole while. She was dressed in another activist tee and jeans combo – #NotMyPresident was the hashtag of the day – but she was also wearing a black choker with a pendant she kept fingering.

Hands on her hips, Audrey snorted. "Gonna move, bitch?"

No word. Zoey stuck her thumb in her mouth, chewing on her nail as she muttered to herself – "unacceptable … unacceptable …" The hand around her pendant squeezed tighter and tighter until Audrey was sure her knuckles would peel and bleed.

"Bzzt!  Error, error,” Audrey taunted.  “Whatsamatter? Your crappy robot bod all busted?”

That insult flipped Zoey's final trigger. Her eyes narrowed hard. "When I'm done with Maye," she declared, "you're next."

Warning delivered, Zoey spun on her heel and made her retreat – limping quickly with dark purpose. Audrey blinked and screwed up her face.

Just what the hell was that about?

Much as Audrey wanted to decipher Zoey's robo-rant, she was fucking starving. Mall food was shit but she needed a greasy burger pronto. What's she gonna do, anyway? Call out Tiff in a campus news article? Gimmie a break!

The universe opted ‘no’ on that break. Looming in front of the food court like a phantom stalker, Audrey spotted the black shadow creature.

Shit! Audrey ducked into a shoe store, peering around the corner. Don't think it saw me. The shadow stood idly, shoulders slouching and head askew, like it was in low-power mode. A passing couple with food trays seemed to rouse its interest. It followed them to the garbage cans and, after they had dumped their wrappers and cups down the chute, it reached in and retrieved the discarded fountain drinks, pouring the leftover liquid into the tendrils of its chest.

That how it eats? Audrey wondered. No, it seemed to be storing the liquid in a pouch. "Great, I nearly get curb-stomped twice by a God-damn garbage picker!"

The shadow suddenly cocked its head in her direction. It raised an ‘ear’, listening for something. Audrey stiffened.

It stood and started marching her way.

"Dammit, not again!" Audrey shoulder-banged her way out the front entrance, not giving a shit about how many people she had to plow through.

The shadow creature shifted into vapor form and slithered through the gaps in the crowd.

Outside, the sun shone bright and piercing over the mall's parking lot but the black silhouette stomped forward undeterred by the perfect weather. Audrey resorted to screaming and throwing random trash from her purse to gain some distance. The monster merely ducked its head to the side or let the wadded up tampons phase through its chest. "Dammit, just leave me alone already!"

A deafening honk, and Audrey freaked as a fast-moving convertible nearly clipped her. "Move, bitch!" Saturday afternoon, and the vehicle rush into the parking lot was booming. Motherfucker, he was speeding!

The fast traffic didn't bother the shadow silhouette. Even without eyes it seemed to sense every oncoming vehicle, pausing or back-stepping to dodge their attacks with minimal effort.

It pursued her all the way across the parking lot to the main road, a concrete river surging with downtown traffic. Audrey slipped and skidded across the sidewalk, retreating in a backwards crabwalk and shrieking for "Momo! Momo!" until her head banged into a pedestrian crosswalk post and she could run no further.

The black shadow filled her vision, a titan blocking out the sun. Its cold hand reached out for her -

- and it pushed the 'walk' button.


Audrey watched stupidly as the black shadow beast pressed the crosswalk button a second time. The pedestrian corridor chimed, the yellow lights flashed and the shadow creature raised its head to observe the device.

It pushed the button a third time, as if testing the man-made apparatus and its response system. While the device ran, its arm dissolved into smoke that squeezed into the pole’s circuitry.  The crosswalk shut down instantly.  Satisfied with its experimentation, the shadow straightened its back and stood.


"Well, you gonna eat me or something?"

It glanced at her, maybe finally realizing that of the multitude of humans it walked among, she alone could see it.

Audrey jabbed its forearm, sending ripples through its smoky body. Freezing!

The creature titled its head. So you can see me. When she tried to poke it again, it intercepted her hand with its own, swatting her away, but not violently, just … irritated.

Stop that, it seemed to say. I'm busy.


So she stood and waited with it, determined to figure out this demon creature. Plenty of other pedestrians came and went – some stepping through the shadow, some looking at her rumpled dress and wondering if she was a crazy person. She pulled out her cellphone and started fake-texting to give herself some cover.

The shadow monster kept standing, a supernatural crossing guard. What's it waiting for?


Son of a – On the other side of the crosswalk, ashen faced and desperate - "Tiffany?"

The blonde looked like shit – red-eyed from crying and dressed in crumpled white sundress, but now new hope glimmered in her eyes. "Audrey!" she waved back.

The four dragonfly wings on her back waved along as well.

Audrey side-glanced at the black shadow, which had suddenly tensed like a pistol duellist at high noon. Motherfucker… was it -?

"Get back, Tiff! Don't you dare –"

Tiffany hit the button. She hit the mother-effing button! "I just want to talk, Audrey!"

The shadow creature raised an arm, reforming its hand into a blade. "Shit! Stay away from me, Tiff!"

"No! Audrey, you're my friend! I'm not leaving you!"

Tiffany took a first step across the divide. The shadow plunged its weapon into the crosswalk post. Only Audrey could see the tendrils of black smoke spiralling and jumping up the length of the pole. Sparks flew and the lights discreetly 'popped'.

A blaring honk and Tiffany jumped back just in time to dodge the red corvette. "Whoa! Hey, what's wrong with the lights?"

"Ha!" Audrey barked at the shadow, flashing double-birds. "Whatcha got now, huh?"

The shadow's arms slumped, but it remained unfazed. That was when Audrey saw the concrete sidewalk behind Tiffany ripple with thick smoke, the warning approach as a second black shadow silhouette arose and took form directly behind her friend.

Its hands hovered over Tiffany's shoulders.


Blue eyes.

That was the last thing Audrey remembered.

Tiffany's startled, blue eyes, wide with shock and wondering why her feet had lost their balance, why her body had suddenly left the ground.

The bus came so quickly.

Audrey's palms dug into her head, trying to ground herself as she looked numbly onto the scene.

Tire treads burned into the intersection, the bus driver rambling to the paramedics.


The camera crew snapping photos, the onlookers mumming incoherently.


Golden beads – the luminous particles from Tiffany's 'after-effect' wings – thousands of them scattered across the pavement like pearls from a snapped necklace.


Red smears. A rag doll thrown limp across the roadway.



A hand on her shoulder, a look of concern.

"Is that her name? Miss, I need you take a deep breath, all right? You need to stop screaming –"


The clatter of gurneys, the harsh glare of sterile walls. The murmur of physicians, alien and inhuman in their green scrubs and facial masks. The dispassionate calls over the PA system.

Audrey remembered this hospital. Tiff had rushed her here for a stomach pumping after she'd taken too many of Kasumi's little red pills. She wondered if Tiffany had waited outside of the operating theatre too. Probably.

Miss Jessie, she faintly realized, was here. Pacing up and down the floor and intercepting anyone who crossed the hall for information. Nikki too, still wearing her barista uniform, sitting in between a camouflaged Celeste and an older woman Audrey could only assume was the nerd-girl's mother.

A doctor pushed through the double doors, tired and jaded. A few words slipped through her daze and into recognition.

Cranial trauma, hemorrhaging.

Spinal fracture.

Audrey stood and walked away.

She walked away from the screaming – Miss Jessie, falling to her knees and clawing at her hair.

She walked away from the uncontrollable sobbing – Nikki holding and clutching at Celeste.

She was vaguely aware of a blue kimono and swishing tail riding with her in the elevator but when Momo's head nuzzled her leg – a mutual reassurance – Audrey couldn't even muster the will to caress her back.

None of this is real. She walked to the front lobby, squeezing her shot glass. Tiffany, her best and closest friend, unconscious and -

Audrey crushed the mental image like a bothersome flutterfly.  “Tiff’s gonna be fine,” she told herself.  “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

If she couldn’t see her friend, unconscious and breathing through machines, then it wasn’t real.  Fairies were real. Space aliens were real. Monsters were real. But Tiffany?  Targeted and attacked by a shadow demon?

“I’m high,” she told herself.  “High and seeing shi-”

Her body went stiff and trance-like. No…

The black shadow creature.

It was here.

Standing tall and menacing outside the hospital's front entryway. At the mall, Audrey had discovered there were two of them.

Now there were a dozen.

In a collective snap, they all looked her way, tilting their faceless voids as if in recognition. Then they turned away. She was nothing to them. Their heads were angled skyward, focused on the hospital windows like a pack of shadowy bloodhounds stalking a wounded fox's den. Deep inside her heart, Audrey knew they were all locked on Tiffany's room.

"Why aren't they coming in?" Despite their lack of interest, Audrey's body refused to move, terrified that any sudden motion would set the pack upon her.

"They're waiting," Momo whispered back, equally still and attentive.

"Waiting for what?"

The cat-girl glanced up at her, stern and serious.

"Their next order."

Audrey sunk her teeth into her fingers. Hospital. No smoking. She was down to sucking on flesh and blood to sate her anxiety.

"Can you fight them?"

Momo shook her head negative.

"They don't hurt like people. They'll just come back, like rainclouds but –"


"Master … Momo knows a way we can keep them out. To give us time."

"Time," Audrey nodded.

Time to find the one giving the orders.

Audrey felt the shot glass, smooth and cold between her fingers. Gave it one last disgusted look, then marched to the lobby's trash cans and smashed it to pieces.

She wouldn't look away any longer.

"You said there's a way?"

"It won't make them go away," Momo cautioned.

Audrey nodded. Took a deep breath.

"Show me."

HuniePop: The Kitty Cat's New Master (ch. 5)

In which Audrey's adventure with Momo turns into an absolute cataclysm.

Anyone following HunieDev's latest updates?  Seems there's been a very well-timed reveal for Zoey that'll fit nicely with this story.

The name change threw me for a loop, but it makes sense that a camgirl (or a general Internet celebrity) would use an online handle rather than her real name.  I'm keen to see more of Miss Greene!
Want to see a fan comic/manga based on HuniePop?  Cyan-Blake has just such a project in mind and he needs your support!

Hunie Pop Cam Love edition Cover 1 by Cyan-Blake

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Help me out, watchers!  I need a social justice slogan or Twitter hashtag to print on Zoey's t-shirt when she returns in chapter five of The Kitty Cat’s New Master.  What sort of activist message should our Tumblr hunie wear as her logo?

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“Fuck you, bitch!  Like you know anything about me!”

Lillian stormed out of the school library with a face full of rage and a mind full of purpose.  She was an artist, dammit, and nothing got her juices flowing – her creative juices, you sick fuck – like a raw, unfiltered argument with the bitches this school dared call students.

The black felt marker flicked into her palm like a switchblade.  Every artist had their medium – Cobain had his guitar, Bennington had his screaming lyrics, and Banksy made the streets of New York his canvas.

Lillian Aurawell had the stalls of the girl’s washroom.

The perfect location to bare the banshee screams of her tortured soul.

She was still reminiscing on her last magnum opus, a masterpiece fusion of poetry and pain:

Roses are black.  Black as your words.

A little crude, sampling from a children’s rhyme, but her remix was pure genius.

Violets are black. Black as your heart.

Subtle repetition – the key to any effective art piece.  And all successful epics came in trilogies:

Sugar is black. Black as your soul.

And then, the coup de grace – the final line.  Lillan wasn’t just an artist, she was an activist, and every woman who had a message to shout blended their politics with their poetics.  Lillian’s message was subtle but effective:

Audrey Belrose is a big, fat bitch and she can burn in hell and die!

Lillian pushed her way into the second floor washroom, ready to create. In an artistic frenzy she kicked down the door of the corner stall, all set to write a verse two - a mash-up of Belrose’s signature red and vile, green vomit. 

Instead she paused.

 And then she lost her shit.

“Who the fuck wrote over my stuff!?” 

Lillian Story Beta1 - For BNewsGuy15
First draft, with the final version of Lillian's poem. Let me know what you think.
Want to see a fan comic/manga based on HuniePop?  Cyan-Blake has just such a project in mind and he needs your support!

Hunie Pop Cam Love edition Cover 1 by Cyan-Blake

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Cypher DS
Hello, and thank you for stopping by!

This profile will host, "Redemption's Fall", the written adaptation of my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke.

The story can be enjoyed on its own merits, but for those of you who follow Nuzlocke Challenges, below is the modified ruleset governing my challenge:

1. Catch only the first non-ghost Pokemon encountered on each route, town or cave.
a. Excluding ghosts, you may own only one (1) Pokemon of each type.
b. Nrm/Fly = Flying Type. Otherwise, Pokemon are categorized by their Type 1.
c. The "first non-ghost Pokemon" encountered on a route is defined as "first of a type you do not yet own". If a pokemon whose type you already own appears, you must ignore it and catch the next permitted pokemon.

2. Nickname all Pokemon.

3. Create four storage boxes titled as follows: Earth, Purgatory, The Inferno and Paradise.

4. If a Pokemon faints then its mortal life has ended and its soul must await judgement. Perma-box it in "Purgatory".

5. For each soul in Purgatory you may catch one (1) ghost Pokemon. The gender and nickname of this ghost must correspond to one of the souls lost in limbo.

6. Ghost Pokemon are creatures from beyond this world. Consequently, they are unaffected by Earthly tokens. Ghosts may be healed at Pokemon centers but they cannot hold, use or benefit from any items in or out of battle.

7. If a Ghost Pokemon faints then its connection to this mortal world is severed. Perma-box it - along with its mortal equivalent - in "The Inferno", where it will live out an eternity of torment.

8. It is said that the energies of a Legendary Pokemon are capable of cleansing the sins of any lost soul. In exchange for condemning a Regi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza or Lati_s to the Inferno (i.e. catch it and box it in Hell), you may transfer one lost Pokemon from "Purgatory" to "Earth".
a. If the rescued Pokemon had a Ghost equivalent then release that ghost, as its body and soul have been reconnected.
b. Mark all resurrected Pokemon. If it faints a second time, Perma-box it in "The Inferno".


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